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  • 03/11/2015

    Minister Del Duca was asked about mandatory truck driver training in question period at Queen’s Park

    Last week, Minister Del Duca was asked about mandatory truck driver training in question period at Queen’s Park. Thought you would be interested in what he had to say.

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  • 03/01/2015

    TTSAO Round Table Event Pictures

    Pictures from the TTSAO Round Table Event in February 25, 2015

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  • 03/01/2015

    TTSAO Round Table Event Video

    Video footage from the TTSAO Round Table event on February 25, 2015

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  • 03/01/2015

    Al Goodhall talks about TTSAO Round Table Event

    Al Goodhall talks about Round Table Event.

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  • 03/01/2015

    Shifting a Manual Transmission Important To TTSAO

    February 27, 2015. – Toronto, ON – The “new” TTSAO hosted their Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Marriott hotel in Toronto on Feb 25th, 2015.

  • 01/14/2015

    TTSAO AGM and Round Table Event February 25 ,2015

    Information on the TTSAO AGM Event in February 2015

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  • 01/14/2015

    TTSAO Certificates

    Does your TTSAO Certificate qualify for two years of training?

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  • 11/30/2014

    TTSAO is now on social media!

    TTSAO joins social media for exposure

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  • 10/14/2014

    Big-truck ‘licensing mills’ put public at risk

    Toronto Star

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  • 06/25/2014

    TTSAO heralds organizational changes

    Truck News

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  • 03/21/2014

    TTSAO re-elects Lagrois as president, names new board

    Truck News

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Thanks to the concerted efforts of a number of professional training organizations, the commercial trucking industry here in Ontario may soon see some significant changes for the positive.


A large number of Registered Private Vocational Schools and other organizations, specializing in truck driver training came together to formulate the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario. One of the TTSAO’s principle concerns is to ensure that all drivers entering the field maintain a minimum level of knowledge and ability consistent not only with the needs of their employers, but for the safety of the general public with whom they interact with each day.


The TTSAO envisions that through the co-operation and joint efforts of all schools involved and the industry itself, specific standards and educational programs can be set for drivers that will not only prove more realistic but much more effective than those currently being put into place by various government agencies.


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